Mar 6, 2007

How dare you...?

Just in case you are not one of my friends or foes (what means that you don't know me) and you wonder how do I dare to live in this country and criticize it, you have to understand a couple of things:

1. I criticize my own country when I was living there and I still do from time to time (but as not being there gives me some lack of information, and I do not like to criticize without being informed I don't do it so much anymore).

2. I strongly believe in the freedom of speech. Don't you?

3. I think that when a country is the most powerful one in the world needs to be more scrutinized than anyone else, as what they do does not affect just them and their neighbors but everyone else. At this time, the US is that country.

4. I am a free thinker, I am in the country legally and if I decide to stay here and become a citizen, believe me, I would do more than criticize, I would vote. Now..., did you vote in the past 10 elections?

5. Last but not least, my criticism may have some value even if you do not like it. Do you know how people in the world sees the US? Well, some may see it like me... :)


Unknown said...

Although a friend of Ugly Doggy, until she gets the right to vote, I count my vote twice every time I step into the voting booth--one for me and one for not her. And yes, I do vote.

San said...

If you vote everytime there are elections, believe me, you have all my respect, even if we disagree in the vote! (that, you know..., may happen...) ;)

Anonymous said...

To criticize anything is to invite change be it good or bad.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to reading your criticisms :)