Mar 30, 2008

The Missing Ones

This project is painfully good. Is not easy at all to portray an absence. But photographer Gustavo Germano was able to do just that.

Using old photos as the base, he reproduced those pictures years later, with the same people and an empty space where someone should be. Those "missing" have not die from a natural dead. They are the "missing ones", young activists, blue collar workers or professionals that have been abducted during the unlawful repression and forced disappearance of persons, established by the military dictatorship Argentina between 1976 and 1983.

Here a sample of his work. The first picture includes his own family as one of his brothers went missing during those dark years.

I found this other one pretty eerie..., as they all still look pretty similar to how they look in their younger years:

You can see more about his project on his site (available just in Spanish) or in this article (also just in Spanish).

Thanks, Luc!


Weird Human Bread

This baker in Thailand sculpts body parts with bread dough. They are extremely realistic and a bit gruesome, at least for me (and I am not the fainting type!).

Apparently he receives around 100 visits a day, but I wonder how many people actually buy and eat his bread.

Faces, hands, feet and torsos are part of his work but you can get smaller pieces, like just a nose, for example.

Here you can see a video of his bakery and his work!


Let's Build a Castle!

Someone is building a medieval castle in France.

That may not sound like news to you, but what if I tell you that they are building it with the original techniques of the 13th century? Yes, that exactly the idea, and they estimate that the construction will take..., 25 years!

The general spirit of the project Guédelon has been clearly defined: research for the authentic technologies of the Medieval era and implement them, with the limits that security issues and current legislation may impose, of course.

The stone for the construction for example is being extracted directly from the quarry at the foothills of the château in construction. Depending on their future assignment in the castle, blocks are then transported in carts pushed by horses.

Common people can visit and even work in the project for some few days (3 to 7 days maximum, no minors allowed). The major work is being done by professionals in each area (stonemasons, woodsmen and carpenters, among other professions) but if you are one then you can also work in the project as an apprentice (from one week to a month).

If you are not interested in the hard work involved, but would like to visit, there are guided tours for individuals, groups and children that can include a "carving stone" workshop. Tickets start at 9 euros.

Guédelon is located in the département of Yonne, in the Burgundy region. For more information, you can visit their site (for now just in French --the English version is 'under construction' as the castle itself).

Thanks, Scott for the info!


'Onslaught' by Dove

After "Evolution", Dove released "Onslaught". The great thing about this ad is that is more a public service ad that a selling piece. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:

Of course, there is the Axe-Dove controversy. Two brands from the same company sending totally opposite messages. My take on it: So what? Each one represents a huge part of our society and with the "Axe" chauvinist type so popular in the media, is good to have something like the Dove campaign on air.


Mar 29, 2008

"Devil Skin" and a Coffee Break

The Bunny House is a website with an online collection of low budget sex-selling advertising from around the world, mostly print pieces like postcards, flyers and posters.

They also have a small collection of Vintage Paper Condom Envelopes from the 1930s & 1940s mostly from Argentina and Uruguay but some are 'Made in USA' . I personally find some of the names pretty funny (Mimosa, Bufalo or Mascota for example) but it is even funnier to read the small prints.

For example, "Devil Skin" says that is "Guaranteed for 3 years" but it doesn't say starting when...

...while the "Amazon" ones state in the back: "Each piece triply tested and guaranteed to be perfect, insist on obtaining the original"

Last but not least, there was THE flyer, the last needed proof to show that when I say that for us (argentinians) coffee is instrumental in our lives, I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

In Argentina, saying "let's go for a coffee" is like when americans say "let's go for a beer". The main difference being that you can take way more coffee than beer (normally) and we have coffee at the beginning of the day and we have coffee right after dinner, with many, many coffees more during the day.

We discuss business over coffee, we fall in love over coffee and we break up over coffee. We discuss solutions for all the world maladies over coffee and we even cry over coffee. Nevertheless, the service offered 'under' a coffee in this x- rated flyer, was totally new to me. I am not surprised though, as I said, it clearly states how many things can be done in Argentina while sipping a coffee! :)

Link to the BunnyHouse.


Mar 27, 2008

A Book to Cherish

I am a big believer in education. I think education moves the world and is what can "make or break" any country. Sadly, as we all know, the basic resources for education are not available everywhere, and in some countries kids do not have easy access to books (or paper or pens for that matter).

Leaving Microsoft to Change the World: An Entrepreneur's Odyssey to Educate the World's Children is a powerful book that narrates the story of how "Room to Read" was born, mixing in a smooth narrative business anecdotes from Microsoft with the stories of young children that all they want is to learn more. Very easy to read, "Leaving Microsoft..." shows several sides of our so inequal world but at the same time gives some hope and inevitably makes us reflect about how rich we are just because we got some good education.

If you like to read, you have to get this book! (and if you too believe in education, visit the Room to Read website and know more about their great work!)


Wish I Could Say the Same...

But I live in the always warm
(and normally plain hot) South Florida!

Ok, this is just an excuse to include a drawing from German "character designer" Oliver Kruth. I don't know him but I have been visiting his blog often just because his illustrations and drawings are FANTASTIC!

Check them out (and make sure you click on his Batman illustration).


Mar 26, 2008

A Different Way to Travel

A great idea that allows travelers not only to travel in a small budget but to have a complete different experience (and maybe learn something new).

The "Help exchange" net connects travelers with organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&B, inns, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation.

I took a look into what is offered and it seems very, VERY, interesting. I mean, most of it is not light work -especially for someone like me a totally urban girl- but some offers may mean also learning new things in the process (as some farms produce their own olive oil for example).

Every offer is pretty straightforward and the hosts seem to have pretty clear that at the end of the day you also want to be a tourist. With that in mind some plaes offer one day of work - one day off; while others will exchange food and a bed for part time work.

If you are up for some work, new experiences and travel on a low budget, you should at least take a peek at Help Exchange!


Mar 25, 2008

The Fast, The Cute, The Retro

I have a weakness for small beautiful things. And I like well designed objects and of course I cheer for things that show some creativity.

Salt and Pepper shakers sets are among those things. More and more those little things have become products with a nice combination between design and inventiveness, to the point that some are just amazing objects (like these floating ones, remember?).

So I have been collecting the ones that I like the most. Not buying them, as I wouldn't have space enough to have all the ones I like, but virtually collecting them. Some time ago, I promised to share my collection, so here it is part of it and at the end of this posting you will find a link to my complete collection.

Lets start with the "fast" and probably one of the most expensives sets that are NOT made of gold or silver.

Yeap, the price of the set that you can see below is... 1,500 EUROS! Why? Well, they are part of Renault F1 Collection, the ultimate 'limited edition' of objects made from real F1 cars. These pieces are made from the gearbox oil filter housing, the main material being silver-plated aluminium.

The Fast and the Furious

Now, let's go for the "cute". There are sooo many that you can find under this broad category. Little ghosts, Betty Boops, Angels and Devils....and, of course, this one:

I am not sure what kind of animals they are, but they look just cute.

Last but not least, two of the best ones: "The Retro" and the "Arcade" one...

This is a great recycling idea. Made with original parts of old phones that (maybe you remember) they already came with a different number of holes. So Listen and Talk became Salt and Pepper.

The recycled retro (Can you hear me now?)

And the winner is... "the Arcade"! Sadly, this is still just an idea on paper, but a great one that I am sure is not so difficult to get done. I hope the owner of the idea has patented this design because it is a very cool idea that could sell pretty well.

The PacMan set, napkins holder included:

Want to see more? Visit my collection on Flickr (that has 45 so far, but is always growing).

Meanwhile can you pass me the salt?

PS: If you want to go to the site where I found each of them, you will find a thumbnail with a link to the original source in my Wists (warning: not all the ones in Flickr are there).


Mar 24, 2008

Facebook Anthem (I Told You So - part II)

If you have been reading this blog, you already know I don't like Facebook. I never liked it, I never trust it and I never ever created an account there, no matter how much 'peer pressure' I received about it...

I have very good reasons and you can read more about those in this previous posting. As a marketer, of course I need to know what's going on, so I checked the site here and there using accounts from friends, and the more I saw the more I felt that... no way I will include my pretty face there! (or in MySpace for that matter)

Let's get this straight, I have nothing against online networking. You will find me in Linkedin and in ASW, but that is totally different.

So, when I came across this video, I had a good laugh. It seems that finally some Facebook users are starting to understand that they are not users and that are being used instead. Check it out:

Of course Facebook will not disappear, but I am glad to know that I may start receiving less "Are you in Facebook?" requests.
No, NO, NO,
I am not in Fa(d)ebook and I am not planning to be!


Mar 23, 2008

On A Budget

There is a big difference between "cheap" and "on a budget". Things on the second category may be unexpensive but not necessary cheap, that implies not only a level of money expended but a level of 'production'.

The ad below is a good example of something done 'on a budget'. When it comes to advertising if you have to work with very small resources, the basic idea behind the commercial is key. At the end of the day, is easy to be able to do something memorable if you have millions. Good creatives shine when they are presented with the challenge of small budgets.

This commercial from Tony Jaffe for Taylor Rental, is a good example of "unexpensive":

Simple, funny and unexpensive but not cheap. Check more of his work and his classics, here.


Mar 21, 2008

Sexy Camera

A very interesting guerrilla campaign from Italy, for "Sexy Camera" the new erotic candid camera program that is scheduled to start this month in FX (part of the Fox Network).

Being the main target men (of course), the ads have been placed over the soap dispensers located in the men bathrooms at gyms and pubs. I guess that the fact that the user then needs to go "under the skirt" for his soap, represents pretty well the idea of candid camera.

The title over her head reads "Sexy Camera. Enjoy the show", and the whole thing is a sticker that covers the dispenser. The skirt on the other hand, is attached to that sticker..., what makes me wonder....

Look carefully:

That skirt is very weak, too easy to remove! And we are talking Italy..., where, well, let's face it, I can see those gorgeous but mischievous Italians trying to get more than soap, checking out what you can find for real under that skirt! How long would the campaign last as is?

...and.. what does the sticker have under that skirt? Is not a minor decision what to place on the sticker under that skirt!

Found @ Disruption


Mar 20, 2008

A Trashed Image Around the World

Remember those ads that were using "Bushisms" to sell helmets?

Well, those are not the only ones around the world using Bush as a central piece of their campaign. Sadly, they all show how the world sees him and how the US image has been falling down since he was elected.

Check out this billboard from NZ announcing the main movie scheduled for the weekend:

Or this ad from Hong Kong, a bit more subtle (and more merciful with the American people) but not for much....

(click image to enlarge)

Last but not least, there is this ad that also plays on what is one of his more clear "traits"... that is being an idiot, I mean, "not smart"...

(click image to enlarge)

In the business world is well known that who is your "leader" and who your "speak person" makes a big chunk of your marketing. Sadly for this country, the fact that the people elected a speak person that can't even speak and a leader that has no clue what leadership is about has affected the US "brand" in a very negative manner.

Let's hope someone can fix this "image problem", but it is not going to be easy. There is no communication strategy that can revert so many mistakes all at once!

Found at SimplyAdDicted and LiamSupersonic.

And you can see even MORE ads with Bush at
Revolucion Creativa.


Mar 19, 2008

Another Original Business Card

Remember those incredible creative business card collection that I posted sometime ago? If you haven't seen them, here is the link.

That collection has simply INCREDIBLE things (and still my favorite is the one with the wavy hair), but this business card I came across at SwissMiss, should be part of that great collection.

This seems like the perfect business card not for a designer but for a creative copywriter...

My guess is that the idea works even better in cities where public transportation is used often (not like here, in SoFla): it can be a very entertaining card if you don't have anything better to do while riding the metro!

Found via SwissMiss


Being Whole

Nice, simple campaign from my native country, Argentina. Sponsored by a good number of companies, the main theme of the campaign reads:

"A person without rights is not a person"

The smaller copy reads:
"If you are disabled, make your rights count.
Get legal advise and denounce"

I found these ads in a website called "Viajé como el Orto" (that can be loosely translated as "I Travel Like Ass") that is all about how bad part of the public transportation can be in Argentina.

The reason they have these ads there is because one of the companies sponsoring the campaign (Metrovias) is the company that manage the subways and they are the first in not complying with the laws in place related to make it easier for disabled people to use public transportation.
So their guess is that Metrovias may be in it for "image" and "tax exemption" but not because they really believe in it.

My guess is that it is either that or, as I have seen a lot of times, one hand has no clue what the other hand is doing. Marketing is helping fund the campaign but has never checked with Operations, how the company is doing in that area. One way or the other, they have "lost face" by not making sure they are doing what they preach!

Found via Crítica Digital at "Viajé como el Orto"


Mar 18, 2008

Where Are You From?

I was reading about this song composed by an Argentinian living in Uruguay that has apparently become a success among expats.

He is not really an expat if he is living in Uruguay (in 30 minutes you can be back in Bs As, for those geographically challenged). But who cares if he is one or not? Is easy to understand why his song is a hit among expats: 'sudacas' (latinos), 'gringos', or europeans, it doesn't matter, they are all referred to in one way or another.

The name of the song is "Where are you from?".

Check it out:

In my case we are a country of four too: Glenn and I with our two dogs, Soy and Lola, we are our own country and sometimes our own world. I have no complaints though... considering the state of the "real world" I rather have my little own crazy one. At least, mine is crazy in a good way! (with lots and lots of "woof woof").


Mar 17, 2008

Aim, Fire, Buy!

This is an ad that has been spotted in urinals in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Its half a game (because yes, it has a target for you to aim and 'shoot') and half advertising.

While in some cases placing your product there may backfire this is not the case: this brand, Iberia, has a line of air fresheners, so is a perfect placement to also show how good the product can be.

Found at Argentina Photo Diary, where you can see pictures of the always charming Buenos Aires. I love to see my city through the eyes of tourists, specially when they lived there for a while... and they can get to know the city a little more!


Mar 16, 2008

Creativity and Common Sense, All in One

"Personal Finance
That Makes Cents" the slogan of Get Rich Slowly, a blog to praise. In a world that seems to be interested just in "get rich fast" schemes, someone talking plain old common sense and how to save -going back to the "needs vs. wants" theory-, is a breeze of fresh air at least for people like me...

The fact that some cretivity is present at the site (at least in its name and slogan) doesn't hurt. Check it out: Get Rich Slowly


Mar 12, 2008

Recycle, Resend, Recycle!

Finally they are here! Yes, yes, yes, the recyclable envelopes have been finally approved by the US Post office!

I am not a hard core environmentalist but when I moved to the US I was appalled by the number of envelopes that are being sent everyday for nothing.

"Business reply enclosed" or envelopes to pay things you have already paid online or "courtesy reply", I think I get at least 10 envelopes a week that I will never use. And that is just little poor me. Multiply that for each person and there is so much paper wasted per day that is just craziness.

Think about it: according to Springwise, some "81 billion return envelopes are sent through the US mail each year in credit-card statements, utility bills and other direct mailings, at an estimated cost of 1 billion pounds in greenhouse gas emissions and more than 71 trillion BTUs of energy. Eliminate some of those by using reusable envelopes instead, and it could make a big difference for the environment."

That is what ecoEnvelopes, a Minnesota-based company is about. They are trying eliminate the use of reply envelopes from corporate America, giving a line of reusable envelopes as the alternative.

There are different sizes and types, but you can get an idea of how they work through this video:

ecoEnvelopes was actually founded back in 2002, but it worked for years to perfect the design of its envelopes and obtain the US Postal Service’s approval—which it now has. Their products work seamlessly with existing insertion and postal processing equipment, and are manufactured exclusively on certified papers from managed forests, with up to 100% post-consumer recycled content.

Green solutions are not always easy to implement. Sometimes the solution is not easy, sometimes it requires that we change our ways. In this case, it seems that a little change in behavior can go a long way in eco-savings.

Via Springwise


Mar 11, 2008

Grande means Grande

Simply put, I have a love and hate relationship with Starbucks: I love their coffee but I simply hate how complex (and to make things worst how erroneous) his whole naming of sizes is.

If you have never been in one, let me explain it better. The small size is call "tall", that you know, it does not mean "small" really, but... tall. Then the medium size is called "grande" that in Spanish means Big, so is not reaaaally medium. And the big/large size is called "Venti" what in italian means 20 and goes for 20 oz. So, their choices in size are not small, medium and large but in fact tall, big and 20.

Sizes are just the tip of the iceberg though. Mixing italian with English, you have such a variety of options that are made of made up language, italian and english that is insane. In fact, they have published a booklet on "how to ask for your coffee at Starbucks" (check it out at the counter where the sugar is!). I am sorry but asking for a coffee shouldn't be soooo complicated. In Italy and Spain, places where coffee is king, you still don't need a manual to ask for a coffee, they make it pretty simple.

So, even when I don't really like Donkin Donuts' coffee, I love, LOVE, LOVE, their new commercial. Take a look:

Much better than their previous "Fritalian" commercial, this ad really nails it with its simplicity.

For an extra laugh, I must confess that I still don't get how the Starbucks' employees do understand "Venti Mocha Frapuccino Light extra Latte" but they need so basic step-by-step instructions on how to wash their hands!


Mar 10, 2008

On Judging Creativity

Two Sundays ago, I spent most of my time on "jury duty". Luckily for me, it wasn't really about someone that was accused of breaking the law, but about online advertising. Yeap, it was for the Ad:Tech Awards, so I spent a good chunk of my weekend reading briefs and goals and strategies and results, and reviewing traditional and non-traditional online advertising.

This is not the first time I act as jury and for me is always a blast. Of course it takes time and I don't take it lightly, so it can take a LOT of time. But there are worst ways of spending your time, believe me.

As always, after reading so many briefs and seeing so many campaigns (I was suppoused to vote on at least 30 pieces, but I went through way more than that), I was amazed to see such good and horrible ads mixed all in the same basket.

When I say "horrible" is not a matter of taste. When judging creativity applied to advertising, is never about your taste. Is about the brand, the goals and the target. The taste of the target. But still, sometimes you just wonder if that one is the best strategy for that brand. What can I say? As a juror I am bound to secrecy. So I will not give names here. Let's just say that before giving a negative vote I just decided to skip some campaigns.

On April the winners are going to be revealed. Hopefully I'll be there. I don't really know how the rest voted, so I am very curious to see who won. Want to know more about Ad:tech and the Ad:Tech Awards? Visit their site and take a peek.


Artist vs. Creation

If you have ever worked creating something, you probably know how it feels. Sometimes is because you are in the process of learning how to use the tool you are using, sometimes is because you are in a rush with a deadline, sometimes is just how it feels: that you are not creating something but battling with that something.

Is not always like that of course. Sometimes, with the right planets aligned and the creation process is as smooth and easy as a good nap.

But this kind of battle occurs more often than not, and when programs are involved (in this case is Flash) chances are bigger. Because you know what you have in your head and what you want to accomplished, but... someone or something is "fighting back".

Check it out, click the "play" button inside the graphic, and enjoy and laugh:

from Albino Blacksheep.

Now, I have to thank two people that have made possible to showcase this animation in UglyDoggy. One is Otavio, that found it and sent it to me. But I have to give Steven from Albino Black Sheep a big big thank you for resizing it so it can fit my narrow website!

Go ahead, visit his site and enjoy all they have to offer between animations and games!


Mar 9, 2008

With Nothing to Hide

Yesterday, a good bunch of nude cyclists where seen in the streets of Miraflores, Peru. Wasn't because it was an unusual hot day, it was a protest against how bad the public transportation has become in Lima and how little urban cyclists are respected by cars and trucks drivers.

In few words the protest was about how unprotected they feel. So they decided to make it clear by riding nude in some cases and almost nude in some others. Take a look:

Those that didn't feel comfortable riding nude were invited to either have their bodies painted, use just swimwear or ride in a costume.

This is not the first time that the group "Cicloaxion" calls for a nude marathon: it is in fact the 3rd ride that the group has organized and they call this actions the "Ciclonudista bicicleteada" (more or less the "Cyclenude bicycled")

If you understand Spanish, you can read more and see more pictures at El Comercio.

Thanks Brigitte for the lead!


Mar 8, 2008

Die, Death, Dead

Four very different campaigns around a touching issue: DEATH.

How you want to end your life and what you can/should/must do to avoid "an early termination"?

First, from Greece, thanks to my European friend from Advert-Eyes, this little jewel for Aids Day. How many Aids ads can talk about prevention and make you smile at the same time? (apart from triki triki, of course).

I have to admit that is funny to see Mrs. Death tripping, for a change!

In this second ad though, Mrs. Death looks triumphant as she reigns over China's stadiums. It is a postcard campaign is made by the French agency Ayrine as a protest towards the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and you can read more about it at Osocio.

Third, from New Zealand, an interesting campaign that is not about "Don't drink and Drive" but about "Sleep and Drive"....

(Found at StillAd )

I must confess this campaign make me think for the very first time about what is going on in New Zealand... Is their nightlife so crazy that is common to go out and drive without proper sleeping time? Or maybe the hot weather make people sleepy? How many accidents are the result of lack of sleeping that they need to have a whole campaign about this? Mysteries of the big island, I guess...

Last but not least and oldie that has become a classic, where a gang of grim reapers are playing with us, poor mortals. Also a campaign about Aids that while still eerie still holds its own weight. At the end of the day, the message still holds true.

To talk about death is not an easy task: Some people don't want to hear anything about it, some people think they are immune and some people just don't care about what may be killing others. I will just say that we have to remember that we are ALL mortals and we shouldn't fear death as it is a very important part of being alive.

Now, while dying is like the lotto in the sense that you never know when it may happen to you, is up to us how many tickets we want to carry in our pockets.... what is what most of these campaigns are trying to remind us.

Me? I just love the aestetics of Mrs. Grim Reaper..., she is a real darky!


Mar 7, 2008

Simple, uhm? Says Who?

Success is simple.
Do what's right,
the right way,
at the right time.

I love the simplicity and the complexity of this quote. I agree wholeheartedly with it, but as you may suspect, is not always easy to know what is right or if it is the right time and the right way. Still, you have to keep trying. Therefore is very simple and is not. Right?

But the real VERY interesting thing about this quote is its 'mistery' source...

Supposedly this is a quote from a guy named "Arnold H. Glasow". When I saw that name, for some reason it struck me as a pseudonym. So I start looking online for a biography of Mr. Glasow, to no avail. I mean, yes, you find his quotes everywhere but the most you have is "Arnold H. Glasow, author and humorist" and that's it. No bio anywhere. You can also find him as Arnold H. Glasgow and here and there it appears as "U.S. psychologist" or as "famous American writer Arnold H. Glasgow" what I doubt, because still no biography can be found.

I believe that my hunch is right and we are not talking about a real name/person even if his words are everywhere. Who is Mr. Glasgow/Glasow or who is behind that name?

So, my dear reader, this is a cry for help! If by any chance you have more information about Mr. Glasow or Glasgow, please send it this way and you will be rewarded with a big smile and a virtual hug and your name will be included in UglyDoggy as my hero, for just satisfying my curiosity!


Dog Liberation

Whoever has made this commercial has seen my dog (Soy) in the car with "daddy"... with almost the same attitude, but in a convertible, with flying, flappig ears!

Seriously, great ad for VW!

There is nothing like the feeling of confidence! Now, for those that may find this ad not believable...

Check how this guy when is at the bar among friends, feels confident enough to start singing!

(Thanks Mau for the lead to the ad!)


Mar 5, 2008

How You Present Yourself Matters!

Everything in your website is part of your presentation. And a lot of people visiting your site may be there for the very first time. So the architecture of the site, how easy or difficult it is to navigate, the design, the palette in use, the logo, the tag line, the wording, EVERYTHING is part of your first impression with a potential customer.

Good news is that you (your company) can look way bigger and better than you really are. Bad news is that you can make a horrible mistake and chances are that you will not be visited again by that person.

The one below is a good example. They contacted me asking if we can add their website to a list of resources I manage. I click on the link and Voila!:

.... I truly find "mistakes" like this one painfully unbelievable: once I read PROFESSIONAL TRANLSATION any sense of professionalism is gone. I know that shit happens and that it may be easy to overlook things like this.

Anyway, I see that mistake and now I feel I can't trust this company (and I may be totally wrong and maybe they are extremely good with their services) but I start having my doubts about the quality of the services they offer. So, their chance for a good first impression went to hell. And to make things worst....

...this was the second line I read right after that nice misspelling!

Instantly, all kind of jokes started popping in my mind, like "Of course Mindy didn't find any error, she doesn't speak Spanish and that is why she needed a translation to start with...¨and more of the same. Lame jokes maybe, but the whole situation makes them happen. And once I start giggling, any possible good impression is gone.

So, next time you put your site together, before marketing it to ANYONE, make sure someone else reads it and uses it. If possible, not just one more person, but several. Find a friend with an "eagle eye" for errors and ask him to check your website. Is worth the time and the wait.

Addendum: The company has fixed the mistake (if you go to their website the typo is not there anymore) but now they are threatening to SUE ME for noticing the mistake and pointing it out in my posting! I courteously offered to include an addendum about the fact that they have fixed the mistake, but it seems they just want to make it like it never happened and want me to take this posting down, so I got a second threatening letter. As I don't deal well at all with threats -and especially so when I know I have done nothing wrong-, the posting stands still along with the images which were pulled from and are the property of SpanishTarget, as seen on their site on March 2008. Is not my fault if I noticed it first! (More to come on this issue, I guess...)

PS: Do I have misspellings and typos? Of course I do! But not only I am not a native English speaker and I am not selling translations or proofreading services, I am sharing knowledge and ideas. Now, check these bad translations from English to Spanish (they are hilarious!) or what these names mean in Spanish

PS2: On the other hand, if you want to see how someone made a great presentation from a not-so-great past, check this resume.

Spanish Target


Mar 4, 2008

44 Years Later...

...and the same "creative" formula is being used on political advertising: fear the other one, fear the world!

I can't vote (I am not a US citizen) so my political views have no weight at all. Still, I am VERY opinionated and I am following the primaries as if I could vote.... At the end of the day, this may not be my country but I am living here and I want the place to do better.

On the other hand, as a 'citizen of the world' (that is how I consider myself) I am also very interested in the results of the primaries because I truly believe that the US as the (still) more powerful country in the world, has the ability to ruin the world even more than it is already or to help it by leading by example on several issues.

As a true liberal (what BTW means 'open minded' and 'free thinker' and "someone that seeks to maximize individual liberties", if you don't believe me, check it out in a dictionary), my heart is mostly with the democrats but so far I wasn't able to fall in love with either Hillary or Obama, but that's me, I just don't fall in love easily!

Nevertheless, the last ad from Hillary was a great turn off for me. It seems to have worked at least partially, but I just can't stand liberals that end up using the rethoric of the conservative world. Because let's face it, while republicans want to be the tough guys, they are in fact the wussiest ones, always moved by fear.They fear the world, the fear change, they fear God, they fear what is different, they just fear. And as my dog does, because they fear they growl and bite and attack but all that 'fierceness' is moved by fear and fear is for the ones that can't hold their ground.

So seeing a democratic campaign running on fear, it the last thing I want to see. And to make things worst is impossible to deny its similarities with another (in)famous campaign: The Daisy Girl. Check them out and find for yourself the resemblence.

The countdown (1964)

The 3 am phone (2008)

So as if the concept of fear wasn't bad enough, we are in fact looking to a copycat... shame on on you, Hillary's 'strategists'..., no wonder why Obama can beat you by just chanting "Change"!

If you want to read more about the Daisy Girl, check this previous posting.


The Logo Challenge

What can I say? I found this 'retouched' logo for Fox News and it surely makes more sense this way, especially with Mr. O'Reilly next to it.

This is one of the logo submitted to the B3ta Logo Challenge that, to be sincere, got very few good submissions. Most of the entries are pretty bad, both as ideas an as execution.

What was interesting to see is how some brands were pick way more than others to be mess with. That is the case of Starbucks, KFC, T-Mobile and Burger King among others.

Apart from the Fox Faux News, the only other good thing among the entries so far, was this 'mash up' between Playboy and Mac

If you are interested in seeing all the entries, you can see them at the B3ta New Logos Challenge. (Now, I went through 20 pages, and believe me, there were few things with some value!)