Mar 19, 2008

Being Whole

Nice, simple campaign from my native country, Argentina. Sponsored by a good number of companies, the main theme of the campaign reads:

"A person without rights is not a person"

The smaller copy reads:
"If you are disabled, make your rights count.
Get legal advise and denounce"

I found these ads in a website called "Viajé como el Orto" (that can be loosely translated as "I Travel Like Ass") that is all about how bad part of the public transportation can be in Argentina.

The reason they have these ads there is because one of the companies sponsoring the campaign (Metrovias) is the company that manage the subways and they are the first in not complying with the laws in place related to make it easier for disabled people to use public transportation.
So their guess is that Metrovias may be in it for "image" and "tax exemption" but not because they really believe in it.

My guess is that it is either that or, as I have seen a lot of times, one hand has no clue what the other hand is doing. Marketing is helping fund the campaign but has never checked with Operations, how the company is doing in that area. One way or the other, they have "lost face" by not making sure they are doing what they preach!

Found via Crítica Digital at "Viajé como el Orto"

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