Jun 18, 2011

For Father's Day, the Best Tribute

Yesterday I received an unexpected email from the director of the unforgettable "Stop Sign" that I posted before, telling me that he has a different video to share with everyone. It is really something different, totally different and awesome.

He wrote because he wanted to share "this really special music video project/experiment I directed and literally just finished last night (...) The video's for a song by my friend Tony Rogers. It's about the genuine emotions between fathers and daughters; sort of a mix between a music video and psychological experiment (... )It features candid emotional reactions of 35 real girls and women of all ages, in the act of being surprised by their fathers—in a magical environment, looking right into the camera, and captured in super slow-mo high definition."

I may be not the most objective person to judge the result, considering that I lost my dad this year but I truly believe that any daughter and any dad would be moved by the video. It is simple, extremely simple and as someone said in the "Making of" it is a "small great idea". What it makes it so different is the fact that is so real, so pure, so spontaneous. We do not see the dads, just the daughters faces going through the emotions.

Here, the video, enjoy it!

PS: As it happens with "small big ideas" the simple result was way more complicated to execute that it may seem. You can see the first part, the  "make of" here and judge for yourself. According to Michael, the director, "perhaps the most interesting thing about this whole project is how it affected the fathers involved, and also the entire production team." I do not doubt that at all...

PS2: The song is in the just released album Sycamore by Tony Rogers