Jun 20, 2007

You are NOT going to see this in YouTube!

****For Adults Only****

I know that for a fact. I received this video via email and I wanted to upload it to YouTube, as private, just to embedded it here, in my blog. But it was rejected and not only there. I assume that is either because the content is, uhm, "adult" or maybe because is a show and they believe there must be some copyrights involved. But the video is already out there in viral mode via email. In fact it seems to be from a show in Montreal but I received it from a friend in Argentina (Hector, idolo total, como te quiero!) :)

Anyway, I can be stubborn when things are against me, so after trying to upload it to several places and being rejected, I found out how to host it myself to get it embedded here.

Here it is. Be patient, you will laugh and enjoy it (or so I hope). You will not see this in YouTube for sure and even when it has to be SOMEWHERE ELSE online for sure, you will not find it easily.

Warning: at first seems naive, but it is not. Its content can be labeled as "adult only" even when I believe the magician does an excellent job in making all about the trick and not about making it "hot". But you are warned, she is an excellent magician with nothing to hide!

Thanks again to Hector for sending it!

PS: Otavio found the website of the original artist, her name is Ursula Martinez and you can check her website here. Very interesting stuff.


Jun 19, 2007

Gossiping - New sites

Well, this is not really gossiping, is more in the lines of "sharing information".

Today I came across a mashup that seems to be doing a good job in giving you a page with ALL the buzz out there. The site is PopUrls and I haven't played with it but it has a couple of cool things, and as always, room for improvement. Check it out.

On the other hand another site may be making my dream true. The site is called Wayfaring, and the idea is that you can make your own maps and share them with people. So far, it seems they are in beta and not everything is working ok (I always have troubles "exploring" maps) but I hope they can get it done. As a traveler myself, but a traveler with a horrible memory, I have boxes and boxes with cards from different little coffeeshops, odd places, etc. that I visited and liked.

But if I could put all those places in maps, thay would be wonderful. Not only because it would be easier for me to remember what was close to what in case I go back to any city, but because it would make easy to share that knowledge that for now is in boxes (and most of them are in boxes in my apartment in Buenos Aires, so I don't even have the info with me!). Again, so far the site is not really working smoothly, but is worth to have an eye on it: Wayfaring.com

Here is more in my daily dose of "watch what is out there":

1. For images, Picnik can be a good solution whenever you do not have all the editing tools you need to make simple changes.

2. For real estate, the competition of Zillow seems to be doing a good job. I am talking about Trulia.
3. For those that LOVE to have a graphic representation about anything, Swivel may be your site.

4. If what you like is to start a buzz, BuzzDash can be what you were looking for. Note: I have not seen a way to import your Buzz to your blog, I hope they are thinking on that already!

5. Is really Magnolia is an improved version of Delicious? On their design no doubt, now is time to try its powers!

Finally, for a more geeky people, OpenDNS may be interesting... and for all us bloggers we should sign in BlogBackupOnline while is still free!

And I have more..., but not today! I am exhausted....

And BTW if you come across a cool and useful site, let me know. If I agree it is worth showing it to the world (or at least to my 30 or 40 daily readers, lol) I will publish it and I will give you the credit you deserve for sending the the information!

BTW, is it me or all these logos are using a similar shade of green? Is green "in" for logos? :))


Jun 17, 2007

A Classic

Because some ads have become classics, and this one is one of those, here is the Honda ad made with parts of the car that took just 606 takes to get it right.

As I said, a classic, that now could probably be all done with CGI but that is not how it was made!


Jun 14, 2007

Ok, I AM getting old...

Hmphhhh.... there are some signs out there. I *may* be getting older. Not really sure about that yet, but again, there are some symptoms... I rather don't go into details.

Now, I may be getting old but what about grown up? Yesterday, while waiting at the dentist office, reading his office newsletter (yeah, they have one) I came across this list:

20 Signs that You've grown up
  1. Your houseplants are alive, and you can't smoke any of them
  2. You keep more food than beer in your fridge
  3. 6:00 AM is when you wake up, not when you go to bed
  4. You hear your favorite song in the elevator
  5. You watch Weather Channel
  6. You go from 130 days of vacations to 14
  7. Jeans and a sweater no longer qualifies as "dressed up"
  8. Your car insurance goes down and your car payments go up
  9. You are the one calling the police because the kids next door won't turn down the stereo
  10. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you
  11. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore
  12. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers
  13. You take naps
  14. Dinner and a movie is the whole date instead of the beginning of one
  15. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3 AM would severely upset, rather than settle, your stomach
  16. A $4 bottle of wine is no longer "pretty good stuff"
  17. You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time
  18. "I can't drink as I used to" replaces "I'm never going to drink that much again"
  19. 90% of the time you send in front of the computer is for real work
  20. You read this entire list looking for one sign that doesn't apply to you

So the green bold ones apply to me. Five over 20, but on my defense, I believe that just two really count. Because yes I do hear my favorites songs on the elevator, but I have always loved oldies, songs that were written before I was born. And I watch the Weather Channel BUT I LIVE in Florida, WHAT DO YOY EXPECT? Hurricane season is not a joke...

Last but not least I NEVER considered a $4 bottle of wine "pretty good stuff". Not even in my 20's!

Anyway. I am either 25% grow up if we count all the green ones or 10% grow up if we count the two ones that I believe really apply. Not so bad considering that I have been on earth for more than 4 decades. So I may be getting old, but I am not fully grown up... phew! :D

How about you? Old, grown up or still a baby?


Jun 13, 2007

Googlewhack part II

I am still receiving possible whacks. Rob has been source # 1 but I also received some anonymous suggestions.

So today, finally, I wrote to the guys at Googlewhack, asking them 1. if the site is still alive and if it is not, why and 2. I sent them some of the whacks I received with the name of the sender when available and I asked them if there is any way to know if they comply with all the rules or if they are already in the half million DB of previous whacks found.

I hope to receive an answer. I really enjoy receiving these whacks, but I would love more to be able to tell my readers if the site is dead or not and if their whacks are "compliant" or not... ;)

So keep posted, and keep sending.

And BTW, my dear anonymous that suggested Comedogenic Argentinians... I loved your comment BUT I don't think Googlewhack will be a good excuse for unfinished homework!! lol

Meanwhile, I was thinking, maybe we can come up with our own game involving Google searches or even better multiple engines!

One idea to make this a bit more difficult would be to have just ONE result, not only in Google but in Yahoo and in Ask.com. "gephysrophobia lard" and "Comedogenic Argentinians" wouldn't make it, as one gets 4 results in Yahoo and the other one zero in Ask.

Any other ideas? Let's get creative and make our own game!


Denial, denial, denial...

Ahhhh.. this goverment is such a joke, that when the watch that Mr. Bush was wearing during his visit to Albany was actually picked from his wrist (from an obviously good thief), the goverment has to deny it.

They allegedly have "pictures" of a bodyguard taking the President's watch from his wrist.

Well..., I would LOVE to see those pictures, because in the video, if you watch it carefully more than once you can see not only that in second 56 he has a watch, but 2 seconds later he doesn't have it anymore, but you can see how one of the hands grabbing his wrist decides pretty quickly to "run" out of the picture.

Yes, Bushito looks down, as anyone that has stepped on someone else' feet but when he looks down he still has the watch.

And, the most important thing: if you have the pictures proving this video wrong, why not publish them immediately with the "denial"? Why make up three different excuses? Or is someone in this same instant working in photoshop to get that pictures done?

You can see the video for yourself :

You can also enjoy the original post from where I learned about the incident (thanks Mauricio for sending me that!) and read there the comments, the arguments between the ones that believe the watch was stolen and the ones that can't believe that someone can steal the watch from the POTUS' wrist in front of his bodyguards... (for those unbelievers, let me remind you that the purse of Bush' daughters was also stolen in Argentina in front of the bodyguards....)

Me? I think that Bush was enjoying so much the opportunity to be an "Albanian Idol", that yes, his watch was picked but he didn't care. For a change, he was in front of a crowd that was pleased to see him!

What is your take? Stolen or taken by the bodyguards?


Jun 11, 2007

Some things do not mix well...

...Except when using a good illustration! These are some ads for a refrigerator in Europe that has 'something' that prevents smells to mix. A wonderful trait for the product (because yes, is very annoying when your chocolate cake smells like meat) and very well represented in this campaign.

If it was up to me, I would have come with a name for each one of the creatures (like "The Pearish") for the first one... it would have been a nice twist but it is true that the ads are good with or without a name for each 'specimen'

So, if the first one is the Pearish, what name would you give to the second "animal"? C'mon, bring some ideas to the table!

PD: Paula. Vicky, Grace, no les parecen estos avisos un homenaje a Muraro? Yo nunca me olvido su ejemplo: asado + desodorante de ambientes = espantosa mezcla de asado con rosas.... :)


It happens!

It may be a bit exaggerated... But I swear it happens!

You want to go to the gym, but the evil sofa is more powerful than you! ;) Great ad from the UK for Reebok.


Jun 6, 2007

As only Brazil can do it!

I love Brazilian advertising. As I wrote before I truly believe that advertising reflects society. And while in Argentina we do have excellent creativity, our ads tend to be a bit "over thinked". You can tell that half the population in Buenos Aires goes to the psychologist by just watching the ads.

Brazilian advertising also reflects a lot of Brazil. They also have excellent creatives (designers and copywriters) but their ads tend to have that "je ne se quoi" of a society that is way more open to "enjoy the day".

As Charly Garcia would say "La alegria es sólo brasilera" (Joy is just Brazilian).

The ad below was for the Week of the Environment (Semana do Meio Ambiente) in Brazil, inviting people of five big Brazilian cities to use their head (and their butt) to help to save the climate.

Everybody could participate with cycling, skating or walking and the «Volta pelo Clima» («Return for the Climate») was in Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo.

Via Advertolog


Dance, Dance... immolation!!!

At my office we used to have the Dance Dance Revolution and it was a hit. Some became experts (Jorge and JC), some of us we practice enough as to be pretty decent in level 2 (Rob and me) and some just enjoyed watching how we played.

Then, one weekend thieves entered our offices and they took some computers and of course the playstation, so no more "Dance Dance" for us.

But after reading an article in the Wired Blog about a new way to practice the game, "Dance Dance Immolation", I feel we were playing in Dance Dance Kindergarden.

Take a look at this:

Seems this is how they play this game in California or at least how it is played by "Interpretive Arson" (what a great name for what they do!).

But if you want to read the whole story just check it out at the Wired Blog....

Meanwhile, Jorgito, JC, Rob, someone volunteers to represent the office? :))


Teach them to fish

People that know me knows that I may donate to dog shelters (check out these cuties at Best Friends), but when it comes to people I agree wholehearted with and old saying that goes:

"Do not give them fish, but teach them how to fish".

So when I start reading about the microfinance movement (and there was a very good documentary in PBS or in Link TV, I can't remember) I find the whole thing a great idea.

Then a couple of days ago I heard about Kiva.org a website that allows you to "give" as little as $25 as a loan to small entrepreneurs in places like Honduras, Africa, Ecuador and Phillipines, among others.

Yes, is a bet. Something can go wrong and you may not get your money back. No, you don't get your money back with interests. Yes, you can donate through Paypal and no, Paypal does not charge anything for these transactions. But is a good thing to do. You are not donating to a charity you are helping people that are working to help themselves.

Basically, you are helping them to learn how to fish.


Jun 5, 2007

Idiocy mixed with insensitivity

What a mix! And a rare one, because idiots tend to be sensitive, except extreme idiots and ignorants (like racists and bigots).

But once again, Mr. Bush gives us a 'surprise' showing that, as we know, he is an idiot, but an insensitive one.

I mean, I am not exactly Mrs. Sensitivity. And I can be ironic and sarcastic, and make some jokes that may be out of line from time to time. But even for me, this is too much.

According to an interview published in The Chicago Tribune, when a disgruntled mother of a dead soldier and four other families of dead soldiers met Mr. Bush he gave them a Presidential Coin and told them: "Don’t go sell it on eBay.”

He was talking to grieving families of dead soldiers, that were 'hostile', yes, but still parents that have lost their kids. I can't imagine a worst joke than that one, considering the circumstances.

Now, why this story (as so many more) does not make the headlines of the newspapers? Is it really because it is a small story or is it that it is another evidence of the kind of person that is 'leading' the most powerful country of the world?

Via "A boy and his computer" (BTW, check their story "I am not a racist but a realist")


Seattle to Boston in 100 days...

It seems obvious that some people do have more spare time that I do. And that they are open to travel in new ways, ways that I just wouldn't try.
This is the case that has been portrayed in "10 mph" a documentary about a trip between Seattle to Boston... in a Segway!

I don't think I would go see the movie (or rent the DVD) anytime soon. I do not doubt that it could be a good one, is just that I find the whole idea...uhm... too slow for me! :)

Via Engadget


Jun 4, 2007

House chores, dog style

What is a joke for some, is a reality for others. Below you can find a perfect example. It happens at my house everyday, we called it "pre-wash".

As you can see even the most spoiled dogs can be extremely useful...!

Thanks to Lencito for sending this one. If you want to see more dog jokes (or any type of joke) you can check them out at Offthemark.com


Jun 3, 2007

Is Googlewhacking dead?

When I found GoogleWhack some years ago, I made an effort to avoid getting hooked to it because it has all the ingredients, as a game, to make you addicted.

The other day, searching for something else, I came across it again but now it seems to be dead, what is a bit weird. With so many new sites (and blogs) it should be even more difficult to make it to the list.

For those that have no idea what Googlewhack is about, let me tell you it is a fun challenge: enter 2 words in google, NO quote marks allowed and you would get a winner if your combination comes back with JUST ONE RESULT.

Ok, the rules are a bit more complex, and you can read them here. The site seems to be dead now but still if you want a challenge "just because", try it!

Remember: Two words (existing words, of course), no quote marks, ONE result. Good luck!


Jun 1, 2007

Interesting experiment -the human joystick

Apparently (I wasn't there) this experiment/advertising/guerilla marketing action was part of the premiere of Spiderman 3 in Los Angeles.

For the brand (MSNBC) a very expensive action, I am sure, but the type that generates a lot of buzz...


The lost pictures of Soy's first year...

As some of you know (but not all of you) I found my dog, Soy, in the streets of Buenos Aires.

When I found him (he is the little bastard that you can see at the top in the right column) he was already one or two years --old according to the vet.

For that reason, I do have pictures of a young Soy but I do not have pictures of "puppy Soy".

Until now. Because some days ago, checking out some pictures that a friend of a friend took when visiting Buenos Aires, there he was.

Apparently this is part of an advertising campaign in Buenos Aires (whoever knows for what product is, please let me know!), and these pictures are probably from Soy's early years.

I mean.... maybe is not his body, but is his spirit, no doubt! (lazy, laaaazy, laaaaazy dog!)

For those that do not understand Spanish, below each picture the translation.

1. Can someone give me the remote control?

2. If you are going to throw the little ball, you will have to go fetch it...

Again, maybe is not Soy. But it could be. Similar face, similar attitude and similar laziness!

BTW, my argentinian friends, if someone knows the brand can you let me know?