Jun 20, 2007

You are NOT going to see this in YouTube!

****For Adults Only****

I know that for a fact. I received this video via email and I wanted to upload it to YouTube, as private, just to embedded it here, in my blog. But it was rejected and not only there. I assume that is either because the content is, uhm, "adult" or maybe because is a show and they believe there must be some copyrights involved. But the video is already out there in viral mode via email. In fact it seems to be from a show in Montreal but I received it from a friend in Argentina (Hector, idolo total, como te quiero!) :)

Anyway, I can be stubborn when things are against me, so after trying to upload it to several places and being rejected, I found out how to host it myself to get it embedded here.

Here it is. Be patient, you will laugh and enjoy it (or so I hope). You will not see this in YouTube for sure and even when it has to be SOMEWHERE ELSE online for sure, you will not find it easily.

Warning: at first seems naive, but it is not. Its content can be labeled as "adult only" even when I believe the magician does an excellent job in making all about the trick and not about making it "hot". But you are warned, she is an excellent magician with nothing to hide!

Thanks again to Hector for sending it!

PS: Otavio found the website of the original artist, her name is Ursula Martinez and you can check her website here. Very interesting stuff.

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