Jun 19, 2007

Gossiping - New sites

Well, this is not really gossiping, is more in the lines of "sharing information".

Today I came across a mashup that seems to be doing a good job in giving you a page with ALL the buzz out there. The site is PopUrls and I haven't played with it but it has a couple of cool things, and as always, room for improvement. Check it out.

On the other hand another site may be making my dream true. The site is called Wayfaring, and the idea is that you can make your own maps and share them with people. So far, it seems they are in beta and not everything is working ok (I always have troubles "exploring" maps) but I hope they can get it done. As a traveler myself, but a traveler with a horrible memory, I have boxes and boxes with cards from different little coffeeshops, odd places, etc. that I visited and liked.

But if I could put all those places in maps, thay would be wonderful. Not only because it would be easier for me to remember what was close to what in case I go back to any city, but because it would make easy to share that knowledge that for now is in boxes (and most of them are in boxes in my apartment in Buenos Aires, so I don't even have the info with me!). Again, so far the site is not really working smoothly, but is worth to have an eye on it: Wayfaring.com

Here is more in my daily dose of "watch what is out there":

1. For images, Picnik can be a good solution whenever you do not have all the editing tools you need to make simple changes.

2. For real estate, the competition of Zillow seems to be doing a good job. I am talking about Trulia.
3. For those that LOVE to have a graphic representation about anything, Swivel may be your site.

4. If what you like is to start a buzz, BuzzDash can be what you were looking for. Note: I have not seen a way to import your Buzz to your blog, I hope they are thinking on that already!

5. Is really Magnolia is an improved version of Delicious? On their design no doubt, now is time to try its powers!

Finally, for a more geeky people, OpenDNS may be interesting... and for all us bloggers we should sign in BlogBackupOnline while is still free!

And I have more..., but not today! I am exhausted....

And BTW if you come across a cool and useful site, let me know. If I agree it is worth showing it to the world (or at least to my 30 or 40 daily readers, lol) I will publish it and I will give you the credit you deserve for sending the the information!

BTW, is it me or all these logos are using a similar shade of green? Is green "in" for logos? :))

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Jarek said...

Neee, I have never seen any of these. Haliburton is still red, Chevron red and blue and Boeing still navy blue.
You could probably research more of these and make the case for other colors.