Dec 19, 2007

My Very First Keyboard in a Very First Book

Not so long ago, after publishing several postings about keyboards, I had a sudden realization about my apparently obsession with them.

Well, guess what? It seems that my love for them dates from long, long, long ago... as you can see in this old picture that illustrates this posting. Yes, ladies and gentleman, that is me at 2 years old and it seems that I was already enjoying what we can call "my first keyboard".

As always, all this long introduction is to share another piece of news with you...

I am VERY proud to announce the release of Tesoros Familiares - 70's (Family Treasures - the 70's) , a book just released in Argentina that, among others, includes this same picture that you are looking at.

Conceived by photographer Lucila Bodelon and designer Vero García (both friends of the house, as we say in Spanish) the book compiles pictures from the 70's that are a perfect sample of that decade, as it was portrayed by the loving angle of parents or relatives. Therein lies its great appeal: this book is not revisiting those years from the political angle or to showcase the highlights and shadows of that decade. This book carefully rescues a look and feel of our everyday occasions, without the pretensions of the professional photographer but with the warm feelings that make those amateur family pictures so special.

It doesn't matter who are the kids on those pictures. You will find yourself finding 'something' that could make the picture yours: a toy, a car, a design in the clothes.

This book is the first of a series. They are already working in the 80's and the 90's sequel (you can send them your pictures for consideration via email) and they are also open to hear from artists interested in replicating the idea in their own locality.

If you live in Argentina, you can buy it in main bookstores like Jenny or you can buy it directly contacting them via email.

In case you still have any doubts... yes, of course, I am the one that wrote the prologue and that is how this picture with my "first keyboard" ended up there!

Luc and Vero, the authors with the book
(the very first ones out of the printing house)

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Cecelia said...

Very interesting blog.
I was just enjoying looking at an old yearbook from the school where I was teaching in 1970. Great pictures! While we grownups thought the fashions and fads for the kids were just horrible, I look at our hairstyles and those were something else too!
Thanks for sharing. I hope that you are identifying all your old pictures, like the one that you showed. I didn't think of it until almost all my older relatives had died and there was no one left to tell me who all those people were, or the places. Now, I'm trying to figure out family history for myself! A big job. It would have been so much better if people had just identified their pictures, and written down a little of what they know.