Nov 22, 2007

Keyboards, Keybaords and Keyboards

Sometimes you learn some things about yourself through very unexpected ways.

For example: I realized about my love for garlic and onions when I left my parents home and I went to live with my best friend. I was already 22 years old; I should have known better my taste in food but I didn't.

While living with my parents, I did have strong no-no's related to food (fish or anything from the sea was one) but anything else was 'ok' for me.

So I never fully realized how much I liked things seasoned with onion and garlic until I was for the first time on my own. For starters I went into cooking, something that I seldom did while living with my parents. But I also shared the flat with someone who didn't really like garlic, or better said, she liked it but garlic specifically upset her stomach. One day during dinner she simply asked me: "Do you really need to put garlic and onion to EVERYTHING you cook?". That is how I realized of my love for those two things.

All this long story is just the intro to another 'realization'.

It wasn't until I started with this blog that to admit that I just realized through my blogging, how much I like keyboards. I have already talked about the washable keyboard; I also make a comment about the 'typewriter' one (still my favorite). The only I never write about the virtual keyboard is just because when I started my blog it was already old news (but the little gadget is still very desirable, I have to admit).

And here I am writing about ANOTHER keyboard...! It has become pretty obvious I do have a thing for keyboards.

So, what is special about this keyboard named 'Optimus Maximus'?

Simple: that every 'key' that you see is not really a key but a stand-alone display showing the function it is currently associated with. That you can 'program' any key to be what you want them to be and that each key can show what it has been programmed for.

How you can have one? If you are willing to pay more or less $1500 for a keyboard, it will be available on February 2008. How did I find it? Read the next post, From Russia with Love.

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