Nov 29, 2007

The Republican Debate: Bananaland Reload

The Republican YouTube "debate" has just finished. It was really sad to see what level of ignorance of 'the world out there' most of the candidates showed; it was more shameful to see how they would spin the truth just to attack their fellow republican.

Romney, McCain and Giuliani being the worst of them, trying to 'debate' with slogans, clearly trying to say what they believe people want to hear.

Two examples: McCain implying that Ron Paul's proposal of avoiding INVADING other countries (whenever is possible) means 'isolationism'. The truth is exactly the contrary, the more of a bully a country becomes (and invading is a big part of being a bully) the more isolated it becomes. But it wasn't about the truth for McCain. It was about trying to make the other look bad.

The other good example was Romney, playing dumb, accusing Huckabee of "wanting to give illegal immigrants better chances than the chances that American kids have". He was referring to Huckabee's support of a Bill (that never made it, btw) that was aiming to allow children of illegal immigrants that have done high school in the US the possibility to apply and receive the same merit based scholarship that any other (american) kid, if at the same time the 'illegal' kid applies for citizenship. The truth? That does not mean "better chances" but "same chances" and as Huckabee explained, the illegal status is not the kids' fault... My answer to Romney's cheap shot would have been that the MORE IMPORTANT FACT is that each time you don't give those kids that possibility you are in fact helping the dumbest over the brightest, just because of their parents' nationality (American) or their parents' sins (being illegal). Therefore you are, as a country, losing a good brain. If the kid is bright enough to be able to get a merit scholarship you SHOULD want to keep him in this country. After all, the country should always be looking for bright people because is brains and not arms what makes any country grow... including this one.

The sad part? Masses seemed to like being feed by those cheap slogans. It seems that the less they have to think, the better. While the "YouTube" part has given the whole thing a new look, it has become less than ever a "debate". You know, in TV time rules. It pushes for a quick slogan not for a real explanation.

Some people think I am too pessimistic about (North)America. I just see the signs. I come from one of those countries that the First World calls "Bananaland". Guess what? Because of that, I know the symptoms. I can recognized them quickly and bad politicians are a huge sign that your country is becoming Bananaland.

But if bad politicians are there as an option for President, is not their fault. Is not even the media's fault. Is OUR fault.

So, think before you act. Go pass the looks and the slogans. Research the facts. Educate yourself. Think by yourself. The US is already in the path to Bananaland. The decadence of the Empire has just begun, thanks to Bush Jr. and his bullying policies. Who is elected in 2008 can change that direction. Or will push this country into being a pure 100% Bananaland and fall in pieces much quicker. The decision is in your hands, act responsibly!

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