Mar 3, 2007

What is Ugly Doggy About?

What is Ugly Doggy about? The creative process and the final result. Ideas. Good and bad, new and old. Some are my own weird ideas, some have been collected here and there. Techniques to "think creatively". Criticize them, use them, apply them, or tear them apart. Some may be very useful, some may not.

I taught creativity for almost 10 years and I am planning to go back to teaching or coaching at some point. Meanwhile, I am using the blog to share my knowledge in a more lighter way, with funny examples -when possible- and writing about the basics of the creative process bit by bit (or byte by byte in this case).

As communications is my 'official' field, you will see a lot about communications' strategies and advertising, hopefully always including some musings about why they are or not "good ideas".

But almost everything here is about creativity applied to different fields, from business to art & design. UglyDoggy is about innovation, the engine that moves the world. Enjoy and participate: please share, comment, brainstorm.

Note: My native language is Spanish, but I am writing the blog in English because I am living in the US and I am also trying to improve my writing skills. Still, is a second language for me and you will for sure find some weird grammar here and there. I hope you can live with that! ;)

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