Apr 1, 2007

My next keyboard (& no more "warning cafe"!)

I am, by nature, clumsy. And I tend to eat and drink while working at my desk, so not only my keyboard suffers a continous rain of crumbs but, from time to time, some coffee or soda.

But that is not all. I work with my Yahoo msgr on, and that means that at any given moment I can receive an unexpected message that will make me lough out loud and... yes, spill the coffee that I have in my mouth already. This has happened so many times especially exchanging sarcastic comments with Vicky that in fact we do have a code call "Warning cafe!" that is the msg we sent to the other one before saying something that we know may produce a spilling accident.

So, my next keyboard will be the one that you can see below. Yes, yes, yes a WASHABLE keyword! A SEALED keyboard! A dream come true!

If you are also interested in a gadget like this, take a look to Unotron online. Sealed keyboards, mouses and more... (and no, no one pay me for this free ad, but really I can't wait to try it)

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