Apr 1, 2007

Products to avoid peer pressure?

One of the things I am more grateful for, --when it comes to how my parents' raised me (I still don't know *exactly* how they did it) is the fact that I don't remember ever caring about peer pressure. And until this day, I can't remember doing something stupid because of peer pressure.
Still, it is a big deal for a lot of people. So it is an interesting thought the idea of technological things deisgned to help people to cope with peer pressure.

Here is one example of a possible product:

More examples can be found at Alice Wang's website.

And while you are there, check out the products (believe it or not the glass of wine for dogs is in fact available to the public) for people that consider their dog their boyfriend or girlfriend. A bit extremist for my taste, but I am sure that if they are selling those products, someone is buying them!

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