Nov 21, 2007

From Russia With Love: Cool Design

If you are looking for creative design one place you should put in your list is without any doubt, Russia. Like most "under development" countries, they seem to be one of those places where creativity seems to be always present, for good and for bad.
In this case is for good. I am talking about the Art. Lebedev Studio a not-so-small studio that works on industrial, graphic and web design, as well as interface engineering.

What really attracts me from their work is that their range goes from pretty sophisticated stuff (like the Optimus Maximus Keyboard that will have its own post) to very simple stuff (the type that makes you wonder how i possible that no one had that idea before).

Here you can see some of their work, in fact my favorites products from their studio. At the top, the Matryoshkus, a type of matrioshka that could be used to teach kids about bytes and terabytes and gigabytes.

Below, one of those ideas you can't believe no one had before... in this case a mouse with the shape of a cursor.

And last but not least, one of those not so fashionable products (cloth-pegs) that with a twist of creativity have been converted in a cool product, Halloween ready.

Want to see more? Just browse the ArtLebedevStudio (for being such good designers, their site is not so easy to navigate so make sure you visit all their subsections and you can find interesting stuff hiding there.

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Anonymous said...

I like a mouse with the shape of a cursor.It's funny...

Holger said...

Really cool stuff! Where they get this ideas... Great!

cufflinks said...


I love creatibe ideas such as these.

Batman said...

Great Find! I personally am a fan of the bat!