Nov 19, 2007

Battling With Slogans

This Saturday, during my last visit to the bookstore, I came across a little nice book called: Unfortunate English: The Gloomy Truth Behind the Words You Use

So far, a very interesting reading as it uncovers the true meaning (or best said, the original meaning) of some words that we use daily. Going through its pages I was having some fun (in the modern sense of the term) when I found the original definition of SLOGANS.

I wrote slogans for more than 10 years and I taught others all I know about them. I love them and I hate them and I can still be amazed of how powerful a good slogan could be. Yes, slogans can be powerful and if they are good you will remember them...

Powerful I said? Oddly enough that word IS in some way related to slogans. Believe it or not, I never even thought about the origin of the word... Now, do you remember the "Wallace! Wallace" in Braveheart? Those were slogans.

Slogans turned out to be "the shouts of blood-lusting warriors... Sixteenth-century Scottish Highlanders and Irishmen shouting a place or a name related to them before rushing in to skewer your skull not with facile words but with decapitating weapons (...) A slogorne could also be a watchword."

So, my dear creative, the next time that you find yourself battling with slogans think about this and be grateful to know that even if you lose the battle, you will keep your head. The battle, if some centuries ago could have been much much worse!

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