Jun 6, 2007

Teach them to fish

People that know me knows that I may donate to dog shelters (check out these cuties at Best Friends), but when it comes to people I agree wholehearted with and old saying that goes:

"Do not give them fish, but teach them how to fish".

So when I start reading about the microfinance movement (and there was a very good documentary in PBS or in Link TV, I can't remember) I find the whole thing a great idea.

Then a couple of days ago I heard about Kiva.org a website that allows you to "give" as little as $25 as a loan to small entrepreneurs in places like Honduras, Africa, Ecuador and Phillipines, among others.

Yes, is a bet. Something can go wrong and you may not get your money back. No, you don't get your money back with interests. Yes, you can donate through Paypal and no, Paypal does not charge anything for these transactions. But is a good thing to do. You are not donating to a charity you are helping people that are working to help themselves.

Basically, you are helping them to learn how to fish.

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