Jun 6, 2007

Dance, Dance... immolation!!!

At my office we used to have the Dance Dance Revolution and it was a hit. Some became experts (Jorge and JC), some of us we practice enough as to be pretty decent in level 2 (Rob and me) and some just enjoyed watching how we played.

Then, one weekend thieves entered our offices and they took some computers and of course the playstation, so no more "Dance Dance" for us.

But after reading an article in the Wired Blog about a new way to practice the game, "Dance Dance Immolation", I feel we were playing in Dance Dance Kindergarden.

Take a look at this:

Seems this is how they play this game in California or at least how it is played by "Interpretive Arson" (what a great name for what they do!).

But if you want to read the whole story just check it out at the Wired Blog....

Meanwhile, Jorgito, JC, Rob, someone volunteers to represent the office? :))

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Anonymous said...

Damn! They took the playstation too ? I didn't notice =( lol