Jun 6, 2007

As only Brazil can do it!

I love Brazilian advertising. As I wrote before I truly believe that advertising reflects society. And while in Argentina we do have excellent creativity, our ads tend to be a bit "over thinked". You can tell that half the population in Buenos Aires goes to the psychologist by just watching the ads.

Brazilian advertising also reflects a lot of Brazil. They also have excellent creatives (designers and copywriters) but their ads tend to have that "je ne se quoi" of a society that is way more open to "enjoy the day".

As Charly Garcia would say "La alegria es sólo brasilera" (Joy is just Brazilian).

The ad below was for the Week of the Environment (Semana do Meio Ambiente) in Brazil, inviting people of five big Brazilian cities to use their head (and their butt) to help to save the climate.

Everybody could participate with cycling, skating or walking and the «Volta pelo Clima» («Return for the Climate») was in Belo Horizonte, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo.

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