Jun 5, 2007

Idiocy mixed with insensitivity

What a mix! And a rare one, because idiots tend to be sensitive, except extreme idiots and ignorants (like racists and bigots).

But once again, Mr. Bush gives us a 'surprise' showing that, as we know, he is an idiot, but an insensitive one.

I mean, I am not exactly Mrs. Sensitivity. And I can be ironic and sarcastic, and make some jokes that may be out of line from time to time. But even for me, this is too much.

According to an interview published in The Chicago Tribune, when a disgruntled mother of a dead soldier and four other families of dead soldiers met Mr. Bush he gave them a Presidential Coin and told them: "Don’t go sell it on eBay.”

He was talking to grieving families of dead soldiers, that were 'hostile', yes, but still parents that have lost their kids. I can't imagine a worst joke than that one, considering the circumstances.

Now, why this story (as so many more) does not make the headlines of the newspapers? Is it really because it is a small story or is it that it is another evidence of the kind of person that is 'leading' the most powerful country of the world?

Via "A boy and his computer" (BTW, check their story "I am not a racist but a realist")

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