Jun 1, 2007

The lost pictures of Soy's first year...

As some of you know (but not all of you) I found my dog, Soy, in the streets of Buenos Aires.

When I found him (he is the little bastard that you can see at the top in the right column) he was already one or two years --old according to the vet.

For that reason, I do have pictures of a young Soy but I do not have pictures of "puppy Soy".

Until now. Because some days ago, checking out some pictures that a friend of a friend took when visiting Buenos Aires, there he was.

Apparently this is part of an advertising campaign in Buenos Aires (whoever knows for what product is, please let me know!), and these pictures are probably from Soy's early years.

I mean.... maybe is not his body, but is his spirit, no doubt! (lazy, laaaazy, laaaaazy dog!)

For those that do not understand Spanish, below each picture the translation.

1. Can someone give me the remote control?

2. If you are going to throw the little ball, you will have to go fetch it...

Again, maybe is not Soy. But it could be. Similar face, similar attitude and similar laziness!

BTW, my argentinian friends, if someone knows the brand can you let me know?

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