Jun 13, 2007

Googlewhack part II

I am still receiving possible whacks. Rob has been source # 1 but I also received some anonymous suggestions.

So today, finally, I wrote to the guys at Googlewhack, asking them 1. if the site is still alive and if it is not, why and 2. I sent them some of the whacks I received with the name of the sender when available and I asked them if there is any way to know if they comply with all the rules or if they are already in the half million DB of previous whacks found.

I hope to receive an answer. I really enjoy receiving these whacks, but I would love more to be able to tell my readers if the site is dead or not and if their whacks are "compliant" or not... ;)

So keep posted, and keep sending.

And BTW, my dear anonymous that suggested Comedogenic Argentinians... I loved your comment BUT I don't think Googlewhack will be a good excuse for unfinished homework!! lol

Meanwhile, I was thinking, maybe we can come up with our own game involving Google searches or even better multiple engines!

One idea to make this a bit more difficult would be to have just ONE result, not only in Google but in Yahoo and in Ask.com. "gephysrophobia lard" and "Comedogenic Argentinians" wouldn't make it, as one gets 4 results in Yahoo and the other one zero in Ask.

Any other ideas? Let's get creative and make our own game!


Unknown said...

Now multidactyl as a word by itself only brought up 2 results, and apparently because Ask.com and Yahoo.com don't like it without a space or hyphen (but they can get over it). So it was very easy to pick out a second word to get "multidactyl tortoiseshell"

Hemingway's poor cats!

Anonymous said...

My whack.