Jun 13, 2007

Denial, denial, denial...

Ahhhh.. this goverment is such a joke, that when the watch that Mr. Bush was wearing during his visit to Albany was actually picked from his wrist (from an obviously good thief), the goverment has to deny it.

They allegedly have "pictures" of a bodyguard taking the President's watch from his wrist.

Well..., I would LOVE to see those pictures, because in the video, if you watch it carefully more than once you can see not only that in second 56 he has a watch, but 2 seconds later he doesn't have it anymore, but you can see how one of the hands grabbing his wrist decides pretty quickly to "run" out of the picture.

Yes, Bushito looks down, as anyone that has stepped on someone else' feet but when he looks down he still has the watch.

And, the most important thing: if you have the pictures proving this video wrong, why not publish them immediately with the "denial"? Why make up three different excuses? Or is someone in this same instant working in photoshop to get that pictures done?

You can see the video for yourself :

You can also enjoy the original post from where I learned about the incident (thanks Mauricio for sending me that!) and read there the comments, the arguments between the ones that believe the watch was stolen and the ones that can't believe that someone can steal the watch from the POTUS' wrist in front of his bodyguards... (for those unbelievers, let me remind you that the purse of Bush' daughters was also stolen in Argentina in front of the bodyguards....)

Me? I think that Bush was enjoying so much the opportunity to be an "Albanian Idol", that yes, his watch was picked but he didn't care. For a change, he was in front of a crowd that was pleased to see him!

What is your take? Stolen or taken by the bodyguards?

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Se lo re chetearon!!