Mar 18, 2008

Where Are You From?

I was reading about this song composed by an Argentinian living in Uruguay that has apparently become a success among expats.

He is not really an expat if he is living in Uruguay (in 30 minutes you can be back in Bs As, for those geographically challenged). But who cares if he is one or not? Is easy to understand why his song is a hit among expats: 'sudacas' (latinos), 'gringos', or europeans, it doesn't matter, they are all referred to in one way or another.

The name of the song is "Where are you from?".

Check it out:

In my case we are a country of four too: Glenn and I with our two dogs, Soy and Lola, we are our own country and sometimes our own world. I have no complaints though... considering the state of the "real world" I rather have my little own crazy one. At least, mine is crazy in a good way! (with lots and lots of "woof woof").

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