Mar 4, 2008

The Logo Challenge

What can I say? I found this 'retouched' logo for Fox News and it surely makes more sense this way, especially with Mr. O'Reilly next to it.

This is one of the logo submitted to the B3ta Logo Challenge that, to be sincere, got very few good submissions. Most of the entries are pretty bad, both as ideas an as execution.

What was interesting to see is how some brands were pick way more than others to be mess with. That is the case of Starbucks, KFC, T-Mobile and Burger King among others.

Apart from the Fox Faux News, the only other good thing among the entries so far, was this 'mash up' between Playboy and Mac

If you are interested in seeing all the entries, you can see them at the B3ta New Logos Challenge. (Now, I went through 20 pages, and believe me, there were few things with some value!)

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