Mar 4, 2008

44 Years Later...

...and the same "creative" formula is being used on political advertising: fear the other one, fear the world!

I can't vote (I am not a US citizen) so my political views have no weight at all. Still, I am VERY opinionated and I am following the primaries as if I could vote.... At the end of the day, this may not be my country but I am living here and I want the place to do better.

On the other hand, as a 'citizen of the world' (that is how I consider myself) I am also very interested in the results of the primaries because I truly believe that the US as the (still) more powerful country in the world, has the ability to ruin the world even more than it is already or to help it by leading by example on several issues.

As a true liberal (what BTW means 'open minded' and 'free thinker' and "someone that seeks to maximize individual liberties", if you don't believe me, check it out in a dictionary), my heart is mostly with the democrats but so far I wasn't able to fall in love with either Hillary or Obama, but that's me, I just don't fall in love easily!

Nevertheless, the last ad from Hillary was a great turn off for me. It seems to have worked at least partially, but I just can't stand liberals that end up using the rethoric of the conservative world. Because let's face it, while republicans want to be the tough guys, they are in fact the wussiest ones, always moved by fear.They fear the world, the fear change, they fear God, they fear what is different, they just fear. And as my dog does, because they fear they growl and bite and attack but all that 'fierceness' is moved by fear and fear is for the ones that can't hold their ground.

So seeing a democratic campaign running on fear, it the last thing I want to see. And to make things worst is impossible to deny its similarities with another (in)famous campaign: The Daisy Girl. Check them out and find for yourself the resemblence.

The countdown (1964)

The 3 am phone (2008)

So as if the concept of fear wasn't bad enough, we are in fact looking to a copycat... shame on on you, Hillary's 'strategists'..., no wonder why Obama can beat you by just chanting "Change"!

If you want to read more about the Daisy Girl, check this previous posting.

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