Mar 30, 2008

The Missing Ones

This project is painfully good. Is not easy at all to portray an absence. But photographer Gustavo Germano was able to do just that.

Using old photos as the base, he reproduced those pictures years later, with the same people and an empty space where someone should be. Those "missing" have not die from a natural dead. They are the "missing ones", young activists, blue collar workers or professionals that have been abducted during the unlawful repression and forced disappearance of persons, established by the military dictatorship Argentina between 1976 and 1983.

Here a sample of his work. The first picture includes his own family as one of his brothers went missing during those dark years.

I found this other one pretty eerie..., as they all still look pretty similar to how they look in their younger years:

You can see more about his project on his site (available just in Spanish) or in this article (also just in Spanish).

Thanks, Luc!

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