Mar 9, 2008

With Nothing to Hide

Yesterday, a good bunch of nude cyclists where seen in the streets of Miraflores, Peru. Wasn't because it was an unusual hot day, it was a protest against how bad the public transportation has become in Lima and how little urban cyclists are respected by cars and trucks drivers.

In few words the protest was about how unprotected they feel. So they decided to make it clear by riding nude in some cases and almost nude in some others. Take a look:

Those that didn't feel comfortable riding nude were invited to either have their bodies painted, use just swimwear or ride in a costume.

This is not the first time that the group "Cicloaxion" calls for a nude marathon: it is in fact the 3rd ride that the group has organized and they call this actions the "Ciclonudista bicicleteada" (more or less the "Cyclenude bicycled")

If you understand Spanish, you can read more and see more pictures at El Comercio.

Thanks Brigitte for the lead!

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