Mar 8, 2008

Die, Death, Dead

Four very different campaigns around a touching issue: DEATH.

How you want to end your life and what you can/should/must do to avoid "an early termination"?

First, from Greece, thanks to my European friend from Advert-Eyes, this little jewel for Aids Day. How many Aids ads can talk about prevention and make you smile at the same time? (apart from triki triki, of course).

I have to admit that is funny to see Mrs. Death tripping, for a change!

In this second ad though, Mrs. Death looks triumphant as she reigns over China's stadiums. It is a postcard campaign is made by the French agency Ayrine as a protest towards the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and you can read more about it at Osocio.

Third, from New Zealand, an interesting campaign that is not about "Don't drink and Drive" but about "Sleep and Drive"....

(Found at StillAd )

I must confess this campaign make me think for the very first time about what is going on in New Zealand... Is their nightlife so crazy that is common to go out and drive without proper sleeping time? Or maybe the hot weather make people sleepy? How many accidents are the result of lack of sleeping that they need to have a whole campaign about this? Mysteries of the big island, I guess...

Last but not least and oldie that has become a classic, where a gang of grim reapers are playing with us, poor mortals. Also a campaign about Aids that while still eerie still holds its own weight. At the end of the day, the message still holds true.

To talk about death is not an easy task: Some people don't want to hear anything about it, some people think they are immune and some people just don't care about what may be killing others. I will just say that we have to remember that we are ALL mortals and we shouldn't fear death as it is a very important part of being alive.

Now, while dying is like the lotto in the sense that you never know when it may happen to you, is up to us how many tickets we want to carry in our pockets.... what is what most of these campaigns are trying to remind us.

Me? I just love the aestetics of Mrs. Grim Reaper..., she is a real darky!

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