Mar 7, 2008

Simple, uhm? Says Who?

Success is simple.
Do what's right,
the right way,
at the right time.

I love the simplicity and the complexity of this quote. I agree wholeheartedly with it, but as you may suspect, is not always easy to know what is right or if it is the right time and the right way. Still, you have to keep trying. Therefore is very simple and is not. Right?

But the real VERY interesting thing about this quote is its 'mistery' source...

Supposedly this is a quote from a guy named "Arnold H. Glasow". When I saw that name, for some reason it struck me as a pseudonym. So I start looking online for a biography of Mr. Glasow, to no avail. I mean, yes, you find his quotes everywhere but the most you have is "Arnold H. Glasow, author and humorist" and that's it. No bio anywhere. You can also find him as Arnold H. Glasgow and here and there it appears as "U.S. psychologist" or as "famous American writer Arnold H. Glasgow" what I doubt, because still no biography can be found.

I believe that my hunch is right and we are not talking about a real name/person even if his words are everywhere. Who is Mr. Glasgow/Glasow or who is behind that name?

So, my dear reader, this is a cry for help! If by any chance you have more information about Mr. Glasow or Glasgow, please send it this way and you will be rewarded with a big smile and a virtual hug and your name will be included in UglyDoggy as my hero, for just satisfying my curiosity!


Anonymous said...

Hey! I'd like to know as well! 'He' does have some great quotes... and when I quote someone I like to have a basic idea of who I am quoting. For my books - a name represents a story in itself; if I quote someone, I am basically saying I generally concur with what they have to say. My site is financialsimplicitycom - I am still getting started, so you won't see any of my writing on my site... 'just wanted to thank you 4 your comment on this guy and whether or not he really exists. Marty

Unknown said...

that would be "mystery"

Eric Mugambi said...

Wow.... am embarking on the same search and ending up empty handed!!