Mar 10, 2008

Artist vs. Creation

If you have ever worked creating something, you probably know how it feels. Sometimes is because you are in the process of learning how to use the tool you are using, sometimes is because you are in a rush with a deadline, sometimes is just how it feels: that you are not creating something but battling with that something.

Is not always like that of course. Sometimes, with the right planets aligned and the creation process is as smooth and easy as a good nap.

But this kind of battle occurs more often than not, and when programs are involved (in this case is Flash) chances are bigger. Because you know what you have in your head and what you want to accomplished, but... someone or something is "fighting back".

Check it out, click the "play" button inside the graphic, and enjoy and laugh:

from Albino Blacksheep.

Now, I have to thank two people that have made possible to showcase this animation in UglyDoggy. One is Otavio, that found it and sent it to me. But I have to give Steven from Albino Black Sheep a big big thank you for resizing it so it can fit my narrow website!

Go ahead, visit his site and enjoy all they have to offer between animations and games!

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