Mar 21, 2008

Sexy Camera

A very interesting guerrilla campaign from Italy, for "Sexy Camera" the new erotic candid camera program that is scheduled to start this month in FX (part of the Fox Network).

Being the main target men (of course), the ads have been placed over the soap dispensers located in the men bathrooms at gyms and pubs. I guess that the fact that the user then needs to go "under the skirt" for his soap, represents pretty well the idea of candid camera.

The title over her head reads "Sexy Camera. Enjoy the show", and the whole thing is a sticker that covers the dispenser. The skirt on the other hand, is attached to that sticker..., what makes me wonder....

Look carefully:

That skirt is very weak, too easy to remove! And we are talking Italy..., where, well, let's face it, I can see those gorgeous but mischievous Italians trying to get more than soap, checking out what you can find for real under that skirt! How long would the campaign last as is?

...and.. what does the sticker have under that skirt? Is not a minor decision what to place on the sticker under that skirt!

Found @ Disruption

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