Mar 25, 2008

The Fast, The Cute, The Retro

I have a weakness for small beautiful things. And I like well designed objects and of course I cheer for things that show some creativity.

Salt and Pepper shakers sets are among those things. More and more those little things have become products with a nice combination between design and inventiveness, to the point that some are just amazing objects (like these floating ones, remember?).

So I have been collecting the ones that I like the most. Not buying them, as I wouldn't have space enough to have all the ones I like, but virtually collecting them. Some time ago, I promised to share my collection, so here it is part of it and at the end of this posting you will find a link to my complete collection.

Lets start with the "fast" and probably one of the most expensives sets that are NOT made of gold or silver.

Yeap, the price of the set that you can see below is... 1,500 EUROS! Why? Well, they are part of Renault F1 Collection, the ultimate 'limited edition' of objects made from real F1 cars. These pieces are made from the gearbox oil filter housing, the main material being silver-plated aluminium.

The Fast and the Furious

Now, let's go for the "cute". There are sooo many that you can find under this broad category. Little ghosts, Betty Boops, Angels and Devils....and, of course, this one:

I am not sure what kind of animals they are, but they look just cute.

Last but not least, two of the best ones: "The Retro" and the "Arcade" one...

This is a great recycling idea. Made with original parts of old phones that (maybe you remember) they already came with a different number of holes. So Listen and Talk became Salt and Pepper.

The recycled retro (Can you hear me now?)

And the winner is... "the Arcade"! Sadly, this is still just an idea on paper, but a great one that I am sure is not so difficult to get done. I hope the owner of the idea has patented this design because it is a very cool idea that could sell pretty well.

The PacMan set, napkins holder included:

Want to see more? Visit my collection on Flickr (that has 45 so far, but is always growing).

Meanwhile can you pass me the salt?

PS: If you want to go to the site where I found each of them, you will find a thumbnail with a link to the original source in my Wists (warning: not all the ones in Flickr are there).

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