Jan 29, 2008

Shakers "Alien Style"

I am a complete sucker for salt and pepper shakers. On one hand, when I lived alone I used to have a salt shaker in every room, and I mean EVERY room, including the bathroom. Being single and not exactly the tidy type I wanted to have salt always handy.

So there it was a salt shaker in my nightstand, another one right in front of the computer and one with my make up stuff near the mirror in the bathroom. Of course I have a couple in the living room and another couple in the kitchen.

Now, living with my significant other, that habit has changed a bit. He is not the tidy one type either (no tidy one could survive a month with me) but he is an engineer, so he needs to have "a place for everything and everything in its place" -as my mother would say. Ergo, there are no more salt shakers in the bathroom..., at least not in his.

Still they are objects that I love. They have so many possibilities. Designers have done soooo many things with them and still, there is so much it can be done.

Here is an example. These are floating salt and pepper shakers that didn't win the "Dining in 2015" contest organized by DesignBoom (I do not agree at all with the judges' decision, but they are the judges and I am not, such is life!)

The whole thing uses strong Neodymium magnets
and you can see here that they have in fact a "floating base".

When it comes to these little objects, I have more, way, way, way more to share. I am compiling my collection of pictures in Flickr, and I promise I will share it as soon as it is done.

Meanwhile if you have a favorite set and you want to send me a picture, it will be certainly appreciated!

See all the entries in the "Dining in 2015" contest.

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