Jan 28, 2008

Love Words AND Chocolate?

I have one word for you then: TYPOLADE. The purrrr-fect present for Valentine's Day (or for every other normal and ordinary day in a woman's life, let's face it, we don't need to wait until Valentine's Day!)

Sadly, for now the product is available only in Europe and the site is just in German. The idea though, is easy to understand once you see the pictures of the products they sell.

Here are some.

I am actually drooling. I feel like one of Pavlov's dogs. My only excuse is that they look like dark chocolate (my favorite type) and I have been trying to slow down on my carbs and sugar consumption... mmmm.. schokolade..., chocolate..., chocolat..., ciocolato..., it doens't matter the language you use, it always sounds good!

Disclaimer: for real I got so distracted with this site that now I really don't remember how I found it...

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