Jan 28, 2008

Google Ads That REALLY Stand Out

So far the most creative ads I have seen for Google Ads. No need to explain why, I believe.. They won the Eurobestlive 2007 for the interactive media category.

The company, a German Car Rental may probably get more hits than expected thanks to a great yet simple idea.

Now, as you can see in the original posting, there is a whole discussion about those ads not being real because Google never allows "excessive punctuation".

But, as one reader proved with his own ASCII ad (see below, I was able to find it myself by typing "Ugly Houses"... left bottom corner, I magnified it for better exposure) you can still get ads like these ones approved.

I am glad to see that good skills at ASCII may become useful again!

Found in BannerBlog, via MindValleyLabs and CoolZ0r

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