Mar 26, 2008

A Different Way to Travel

A great idea that allows travelers not only to travel in a small budget but to have a complete different experience (and maybe learn something new).

The "Help exchange" net connects travelers with organic farms, non-organic farms, farmstays, homestays, ranches, lodges, B&B, inns, backpackers hostels and even sailing boats who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation.

I took a look into what is offered and it seems very, VERY, interesting. I mean, most of it is not light work -especially for someone like me a totally urban girl- but some offers may mean also learning new things in the process (as some farms produce their own olive oil for example).

Every offer is pretty straightforward and the hosts seem to have pretty clear that at the end of the day you also want to be a tourist. With that in mind some plaes offer one day of work - one day off; while others will exchange food and a bed for part time work.

If you are up for some work, new experiences and travel on a low budget, you should at least take a peek at Help Exchange!

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