Mar 29, 2008

"Devil Skin" and a Coffee Break

The Bunny House is a website with an online collection of low budget sex-selling advertising from around the world, mostly print pieces like postcards, flyers and posters.

They also have a small collection of Vintage Paper Condom Envelopes from the 1930s & 1940s mostly from Argentina and Uruguay but some are 'Made in USA' . I personally find some of the names pretty funny (Mimosa, Bufalo or Mascota for example) but it is even funnier to read the small prints.

For example, "Devil Skin" says that is "Guaranteed for 3 years" but it doesn't say starting when...

...while the "Amazon" ones state in the back: "Each piece triply tested and guaranteed to be perfect, insist on obtaining the original"

Last but not least, there was THE flyer, the last needed proof to show that when I say that for us (argentinians) coffee is instrumental in our lives, I am telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

In Argentina, saying "let's go for a coffee" is like when americans say "let's go for a beer". The main difference being that you can take way more coffee than beer (normally) and we have coffee at the beginning of the day and we have coffee right after dinner, with many, many coffees more during the day.

We discuss business over coffee, we fall in love over coffee and we break up over coffee. We discuss solutions for all the world maladies over coffee and we even cry over coffee. Nevertheless, the service offered 'under' a coffee in this x- rated flyer, was totally new to me. I am not surprised though, as I said, it clearly states how many things can be done in Argentina while sipping a coffee! :)

Link to the BunnyHouse.

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