Mar 30, 2008

Let's Build a Castle!

Someone is building a medieval castle in France.

That may not sound like news to you, but what if I tell you that they are building it with the original techniques of the 13th century? Yes, that exactly the idea, and they estimate that the construction will take..., 25 years!

The general spirit of the project Guédelon has been clearly defined: research for the authentic technologies of the Medieval era and implement them, with the limits that security issues and current legislation may impose, of course.

The stone for the construction for example is being extracted directly from the quarry at the foothills of the château in construction. Depending on their future assignment in the castle, blocks are then transported in carts pushed by horses.

Common people can visit and even work in the project for some few days (3 to 7 days maximum, no minors allowed). The major work is being done by professionals in each area (stonemasons, woodsmen and carpenters, among other professions) but if you are one then you can also work in the project as an apprentice (from one week to a month).

If you are not interested in the hard work involved, but would like to visit, there are guided tours for individuals, groups and children that can include a "carving stone" workshop. Tickets start at 9 euros.

Guédelon is located in the département of Yonne, in the Burgundy region. For more information, you can visit their site (for now just in French --the English version is 'under construction' as the castle itself).

Thanks, Scott for the info!

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