Mar 20, 2007

Bush lies (I)

I can't believe that I still can find people that believe in Bush. What amazes me is that not all of them are completely idiots (you can understand those backing one of their own), but some of Bush supporters are in fact good people and very intelligent people on some other matters (not in politics, obviously).

So in one of my discussions with one of them, he dare me to find that Bush has lied at any point, as he believes that he has never lied to the country...

Of course this is not a small task. Not because I don't have memory at all or how serious it may or not be, but because with SO MANY lies, it is difficult for me to decide where to begin with. So I will start now with one that seemspretty obvious. Yesterday (March 2007) he said to the country that "Iraq Victory 'Will Take Months'" .

Let's go back in time: did I dream some speech in March 2003 under a banner reading "Mission Accomplished" where curious George declared:"Major combat operations in Iraq have ended. In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed." ? Either he is an idiot or he was lying. You my dear believers in GW have to choose. Idiot that couldn't see it coming or liar that wanted to give people the feeling of a victory even if it wasn't true?

And to make things worst and show how clear ideas he has, between one statement and the other, he said "We're not winning, we're not losing." - December 19, 2006, interview with The Washington Post (published on December 20).

My first post on the issue of Bush's lies, but more to come. I need to refresh my memory and I want to use his own speeches so I have to do research, but I know I can have around 100 or 200 posts on just this issue.

Meanwhile, some funny one liners about the idiot:

How do you tell the first Bush administration from the second Bush administration?
This time the stupid one's in charge. (a.k.a. "the decider")

What do you call Bush voters who aren't millionaires?

What does the downfall of the Republican party have in common with the letter X?
It's what comes after W.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a Democrat. I can't vote because I am not a citizen, and I have been here just 3 years and some months. I just think for myself. And as a button I love says, "I am not Anti-Bush, I am just Pro-Intelligence"

More lies to come, I promise. Meanwhile, keep thinking, idiot or liar?

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