Mar 22, 2007

"My Space" for the dead ones...

...or as we would say in "porteño/italian" a place for "Il Morto qui parla"

According to their definition, "For a one-time fee of USD 300/EUR 250, Eternity4all allows users to build a personal space using ten photographs, three one-minute movies and three texts, with the option to update as and when desired. Once a user makes his or her personal space public, it's published and saved on the company’s system for eternity.

Founded in March 2006 by Bert van Dam, Eternity4all aims to immortalize a user's uniqueness for the world, for his descendants and for himself. As Dam puts it, “The most beautiful aspect of Eternity4all is the process of telling your personal story and the awareness created while doing so.”

It always amazes me how there is always a niche. This could have been a good idea for My Space, ("do you want to keep My Space forever?") but considering their demographics it would probably took too long for any of the My Space members to even think about dying... so here we have, "Eternity for all" or for all the ones that are willing to pay that amount of money to be inmortalized the way they want to...

Now, you know I am always suspicious.. how can I know the place will be up and running let's say 20 years after my death? :)) And if they are not, who would make a fuss in my name?

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