Mar 4, 2007

Why Ugly Doggy?

Short Answer: Why not?

Alternative Answer:

Long, Boring & Real Answer:

Ugly Doggy is one of the thousands of nicknames that my dog (the one in the picture) has to live with.

His real name is Soy what in Spanish means "I am". His complete name is Soy Bastardo (I am a bastard) because I found him wondering wandering the streets in Bs. As., and we have no clue who his father is... :)

He has been with me since 1999, the vet believes that he was one or two years old when I picked him up and the first 2 days he acted as the most shy and afraid puppy I ever saw...but after a week he showed his true colors and his street manners! I would come home to find out that he moved my trash bag from the kitchen to the living room to rip it open in the middle of that room, leaving a huge mess of trash everywhere.

He didn't like anybody interrupting our morning sleep, so when they throw the newspaper under my door each morning, he would chew half of it, as punishment I assume (the newspaper guy thought I have a doberman!!). Funny enough he didn't like bills either so most of my bills were chew at least in one corner.

But he grew up and learned a lot (nothing like a magazine making a lot of noise near his butt, to understand the idea of 'NO') and now he has, most of the time, pretty good manners.

Since we moved to the States to live with my boyfriend he got more nicknames than ever. Some of them are Ugly Doggy or its Spanish and slightly changed version of "Ferro Peo". He is also known as "the hero" (when he is in the sofa, we say: "The hero, once again in his quest for comfort...").

I love my dog and even if he is getting old and lazy, he is "my baby" so the blog's name is in his honor.

When I started ths blog, I knew it was going to be about creativity but wasn't really sure the shape it would take. I have several URL's registered and I decided that this was as good as any other... And for experience I know that if bones are involved, dogs can be very, VERY creative!


Newsflash: Soy has now an adopted "sister" by the name of Lola. She is driving the old guy nuts! Click here if you want to see pictures of this (not really) dynamic duo!


Anonymous said...

I am the Hand. This is the title bestowed upon me by the ugly doggy and his momma. I hold the rank of GOD, as recognized by the aforementioned mutt, largely due to the rubby-rubby that I deem to bestow upon him from time to time, when he in turn concedes to leave the trash in a tightly confined, pre-negotiated area.

Large chunks of steak also helpto reinforce his faith..:-)

Anonymous said...

You found this dog wondering? Hmm, I wander....

San said...

LOL! Thanks for the correction!
I will fix it leaving the original typo so the rest can also laugh... ;)

Anonymous said...

I find him quite handsome! :)


Anonymous said...

how can you call him ugly? He's absolutely adorable!!!

San said...

Sandi, Marina, he is adorable... :) But Ugly Doggy is his nickname, in a loving way, of course!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of baby uglies anytime soon? They would make beautiful (sorry), UGLY babies together....

San said...

Sadly, no chance of ugly babies even though the old dirty man (Soy) still wants to "practice" how babies are done. His "Lolita" though, is not interested at all in the practice... lol

Anonymous said...

My regards to the Uggly Doggy. I have had, at least, 9 dogs in my life: Astrid,Argus, Jack, Kruppa, Thor, Sasha, Benjy, Lola and Mendieta. They were all of them chosen for us. I left my family home 6 years ago to move, first, to Europe (a cupple of months to work)and then to Buenos Aires, where I am currently living. Now: about one and a half year time a male cat was wandering (and sometimes I realyy think he also wonders)and came to my door "knocking for some room..." Let's say: a home. I called him Potter, in honor of the famous and noted wizard created for J. K. Rowling. He became the owner of my flat and the official "death eater" of all my plants. And we still try to get along!!!!!