Apr 17, 2007

Another nice present :)

And again, thanks Nico (idolo!) for finding the perfect match for my last present to Glenn.

As those knives, this is a great present for someone you have total confidence in... if the trust is not there, you don't want a misunderstood caused by this little pen holder.

So, even if it is a great adding for an office desk, if you don't have an extreme good communication with your boss, coworkers or employees, I would not recommend this beautiful object as a gift for any of them.

On my case, I would love if Glenn gives it to me as a 'revenge' for my knife holder... I am not really sensitive (scratch that I am, but mostly with words, not with objects) so I wouldn't read between lines.

I would just make sure of killing the little man once and again with different pens... just to relieve stress... ;)

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MAR said...

I guess you're gonna like this :D "Blood Puddle Pillows"