Apr 10, 2007

Be nice to 'America'

I have to thank Juan for finding this. Is not only a funny bumpersticker but kind of a sad true. When excuses like WMD (weapons of mass destruction) or alleged links between the dictator in place and Al-Qaeda failed miserably, we always have freedom and democracy as an excuse....

Now, the fact that in the process (North) Americans have to lose some of the same freedoms that they are exporting seems to bother just a few.

May be freedom is experiencing the same process that manufacturing basic goods experienced some years ago. First they were made in the US, then companies found it cheaper/better to have at least half of the production someplace else, then everything started to be made overseas..., and now try to find a piece of silverware that is not made in China!

Will it come the day where 'democracy' and 'freedom' will be produced overseas and the US will just import a cheaper version of it? Mmmmmm... now that I think about it, thanks to these last years and the brilliant ideas of 'the decider', we already have in the US a 'cheaper version' of freedom and democracy....

PS: I use 'America' always between quotes because America for a lot of people outside the US is the whole continent, not just the US.

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