Apr 10, 2007

Crazy for ads?

There are many reasons you may be an advertising junkie. I don't care what your reasons are, I understand.

Good ads are small pearls of creativity. And good ads are not easy to make. Not only you need to convey a message and make a brand memorable in the process (because a memorable ad is not a real good ad if people can't rememer the brand) and all that has to be synthetized in one page, 30 seconds or a banner...

And that is not all. Sometimes convincing the client (get their approval) is not easy and then you have to make sure that the final product is what you promise you'll deliver.

There are thousands of places to see ads from all over the world and little by little I will include here links to those. But the latest one is the development of a TV channel (TBS) and is dedicated just to funny ads from everywhere.

You still can find more ads in YouTube or specialized sites like AdForum or AdCritic but this site has a good compilation of only funny ads while in the others you have a bit of everything and you need a lot of searching. So, if you are into funny ads, this is a good place to start. Take a peek at www.veryfunnyads.com

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