Apr 19, 2007

Creating forms just became easier than ever

Yesterday I received an email from FormLogix, a service I signed up for some time ago that I never used until now. They were informing us of the release of their version 2.0 and I decided to give it a try...

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful little product for non techies like me, if you want to make forms for surveys or ´contact us´or almost any other thing that needs one. And they take care of the data storage too, so not only you receive an email if you want to, but there is a place where you can go and check for all the responses. Yes, you have to take the demo and read the help when you want some especific things, but still, a really easy way to create a form. Oh, I almost forgot, is not only easy, is also free!

So I created a form, the one that you can find under ¨contact me¨ that allows you my dear reader not just to drop a line, but to submit articles, ideas, ads or products if you have something that you want published that is not just a comment to my posts.

Contact me, contact me, contact me (if you want, of course) and next time you need a form for your website, or in its own URL or to send via email, try the form designer from FormLogix!

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