Apr 25, 2007

The Lying Game

In Spanish we say "el ladron cree que todos son de su condicion" (the thief believes that everyone shares his ways), to indicate that the dishonests tend to think that everyone else is like them, dishonest.

I can't help it but to think that is exactly what happens with this White House, from Bush Jr. down. They have been blatantly lying since 9/11. They never cared about anything (civil liberties, sending kids to a fabricated war, human rights, promises not kept, or acting outside the law). The only thing they cared was about politics. About how to maintain their absolute power for as long as possible. And they cared about how to infiltrate the system (think Supreme Court, think fired DA's) to have some undercover power when their time is up.

Now ('que le hace una mancha mas al tigre') it was also confirmed what we suspected already: they even lied to create the earliest 'hero's war stories' like the ones about Private Ryan or Corporal Tillman’s death.

But they do not have any shame. I am starting to believe that they do not know that feeling at all. And today, Bush Jr. had the gall to accuse Democrats of 'Playing Politics With the Iraq Bill'. Obviously, once again, "El ladron cree que todos son de su condicion".

(and as I see it, if the Dems are in fact playing politics with the Irak war, it is time for a change on who plays with it. Too many years of the White House being the only one playing politics with awful results)

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Jarek said...

Air Force quietly building Iraq presence

Air Force and Navy aircraft dropped 437 bombs and missiles in Iraq in the first six months of 2007, a fivefold increase over the 86 used in the first half of 2006, and three times more than in the second half of 2006, according to Air Force data. In June, bombs dropped at a rate of more than five a day.

http://news. yahoo.com/ s/ap/20070714/ ap_on_re_ mi_ea/iraq_ air_surge_ i