Apr 24, 2007

Posting ads is not a good way of hiring hackers

This one seems unbelievable, but it is a true story, with names and all.

Apparently, the Communications Director for Montana's Congressman Denny Rehberg solicited "hackers" to break into the computer system at Texas Christian University and change his grades (so they would look better when he eventually ran for office, I presume). The hackers posted the email exchange instead.

After reading that complete and unbelievable exchange of emails, I have some (probably rethoric) questions:

1. How come someone with such a poor understanding of the basics of how systems works can be "Director of Communications"?

2. He is planning to break the law and he trust someone he doesn´t know when he tells him that email is a safe way of communication? What kind of Director of anything does not know that if you are planning to break the law you don't want to have ANYTHING in writing?

3. How does something like this exchange (that is funny but unbelievable wrong from all points of view) is not news while a bold Britney Spears makes the headlines once and again?

And last but not least, why I am not suprised that the guy is a Republican...? (sorry, but they seem to have a very estranged relationship with technology)

Thanks Mauricio for sending the lead to the original article, posted on ¨Schneier on Security¨

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