Apr 24, 2007

Seal of Satisfaction!

Do you need a seal for your website? A custom made one? Don´t waste your time with photoshop, just visit the "official seal generator" and get yourself what you want, for free.

You can make old fashioned ones (eagles included), you can generate russian type ones, you can go celtic or roman, or you can make not-so-serious ones like the one that I made for UglyDoggy:

And if you fall inlove with your seal and you want it in a magnet or as stickers, you can order them online (and you can be helping someone in the process).

Play a little and get your own custome made seal at ¨The official seal generator¨. And while you are there, check out other 'says-it' that allows you to perform miracles, like showing intelligent words coming out from George Bush' mouth or good funny jokes being told by John Kerry... :)

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