Apr 18, 2007

Virginia Tech and 'the right to bear arms'

The Virginia Tech episode is a really sad one. But already some groups are kicking and screaming that this has nothing to do with gun control.

People, one thing is the right to bear arms. Keep that right if it is soooo precious to your existence (still, it makes me wonder about the psyche of this country that holds that right so precious) but the right to bear arms does not mean that the control over buying and selling guns could be much much tighter.

How come the US is the only developed country with such bad numbers when it comes to violent deaths? (According to the CDC, "The United States is a leading country in firearm-related homicides" and in a previous study they found that "the US has by far the highest rate of gun deaths -- murders, suicides and accidents -- among the world's 36 richest nations"). Don't you think something is wrong there?

On a side note, I read that the right to bear arms was conceived as a way to 1) not let the goverment be the only 'owner' of guns and 2) allow people to revolt to that goverment if necessary... ironic, considering that people nowadays seem more inclined to 'revolt' if gas prices make it difficult to maintain their monstrous Hummers than to 'revolt' if they have the most crooked goverment in their history (yeah, I am talking about this one, the one that lied once and again to go to war, the one that commited treachery by 'selling out' a covered CIA agent and the one that conveniently 'lost' thousands of emails).

But more about that in coming postings...(sigh)

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