May 16, 2007

About gas prices and actions

Gas prices are going up everyday. And some people (like Stanley Bing) are calling for some citizens' action about it.

I understand the anger, believe me. I live in a State where you can't go anywhere without a car and to make things worst that state is Florida..., and for the second straight year, South Floridians have been declared the most boorish, aggressive and dangerous drivers in the United States! So the pain is double: you have to drive and you have to do it among the rudest people in the country..., and you have to pay each day a bit more for that 'pleasure'.

On my side I find it a bit pathetic that it seems to be more 'calls for action' for gas prices than for a deserved impeachment but maybe those that 3 years ago where driving proudly with that tasteless bumpersticker that reads "Nuke their ass and get their gas" will now consider one of these:

If you don't want to make this political, or your problem is not with the price of gas (you drive a hybrid for example) but you have something to say to those Hummer owners, here are some other choices:

And there are more, much more. Just Google "gas" and "bumper sticker" and you will find for sure one for your personal taste.

I think that just carrying bumperstickers is not enough, but I also had the crazy idea that a president that lied to his country to go to war could not get elected a second term, and here we are... so, maybe, making a statement through a bumpersticker is not such a bad idea!

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